Mount Vernon, Iowa Historic Preservation Comission


There are two easy ways to present the history of Mt. Vernon. One lays out the historical development using several themes that have had the most to do with shaping our community life. The other presentation centers on the three areas of the town that are on the National Register of Historic Places and describes each in detail and offers a self-guided walking tour of each district. Both of these approaches yield a good deal of information in text and images.

The picture section has several hundred historic photos available from glass negative starting in the 1880’s when the town had 5 commercial photographers.

The essay, “The History of Mount Vernon, Iowa: An Introduction” brings both approaches together and highlights some of the Post WW II developments.

Other sections of this site offer a graphic presentation of how the town grew and why, how the community works through the city Historic Preservation Commission to protect our historic resources for further appreciation of this unique town. Here is a living history of how a small town and a small independent college grew together for over 150 years. Here one finds representative domestic and civic buildings with historic and architectural integrity from 1840 to the present. Enjoy this historic community! Mt. Vernon: where you are always welcome!

Mount Vernon Historic Preservation Commission :: Mount Vernon, Iowa

Mount Vernon/Lisbon Historic Newspapers

The historic newspapers from Mount Vernon and Lisbon preserve the history of our area. Thanks to many generous donations, anyone cansearch papers 1860 to 2012 online for free. Helpful search tips specific to this newspaper site are available at the Mount Vernon Public Library site